Cooking Classes

Professional classes to advance your culinary skills

One-on-one Lessons

We offer personal cooking classes for individuals wanting to hone in on specific cooking skills.


Group Classes

Receive cooking guidance within the comfort of a small group setting and explore a wide range of experience.


Jr. Chef Cooking Class

June-Aug 2015 For Kids 6-12 yrs old

Our Jr Chef Cooking Classes are taught by our newest staff members Chef Ruthay and Chef Victoria in our newly expanded gourmet kitchen in Nanna’s Underground-Mayfair. Space fills quickly.

One week sessions. Mon-Fri 1/2 day class $195 Full day Class $275.

Day One

  • We will learn safety first in the kitchen.
  • Start our garden
  • Create a tea infused flavored drink to share with your friends and family.
  • Start your community project.

Day Two

  • Plan and cook a simple dessert you can make everyday or for special occasions.

  • Learn safe kitchen techniques for cutting and cooking in a hot oven.

Day Three

  • Grow Your Own Meal — From Day 1 you will be introduced to growing your own garden. After a daily field trip to the neighborhood garden. We will begin harvesting and cooking our fresh treats.

Day Four and Five

  • Cooking for the Family — We will introduce our Jr Chefs to preparing a mutli course meal from the fresh ingredient we have grown throughout the week. Our students will bring home dinner for the family.

For more information call us at 303-647-8327