Restaurant Menu

Lunch and breakfast available all day; Brunch menu available Sundays only


Breakfast is available all day with choice of grilled potatoes, grilled tomato slices or fresh fruit and a freshly baked muffin

Quiche Lorraine 13

Traditional with Swiss cheese, hickory smoked bacon in a flaky pie crust

Mexican Style Quiche 11

Try our quiche with chilies and Monterey jack cheese. Yum

Veggie Quiche 11

Season fresh vegetables baked into a cheesy egg custard

Baked Egg Casserole 12

Freshly baked eggs with cheese,

sausage, herbs, onions and spices

Veggie Baked Egg 11

Crustless quiche with farm fresh veggies

Jefferson Park 9

Old English Breakfast Sandwich (egg, white cheddar cheese, grilled tomato on an English muffin) add turkey, roast beef, Italian sausage or ham for $1

Aebelskivers 2/$3

(Plain, Savory or Filled) A delightful Scandinavian pastries w/ powdered sugar, syrup or fruit filling

California Breakfast 14

Hummus, Organic Spring Salad, Fresh Fruit, Light/Non-Fat Cheese served with Whole Grain Crackers


Lunch is available all day with a choice of mixed green salad with house dressing, pasta salad or fresh fruit and dessert

Tea Sandwiches 11

Choice of…

  • Cucumber/Herb/Goats Cheese/Bleu Cheese/Walnut/Pear
  • Roast Beef with Spicy Horseradish Mayo
  • Avocado/Radish/Celery
  • Turkey with Lemon Zest Mayo


Fresh Spring Garden 6

Fresh Fruit Salad 7

Apple, Bleu Cheese, Walnuts 9

Light Snack Afternoon Tea

Cheese and Fruit Platter 9

Banger 10

A Great Britain favorite. Chicken, sausage baked to golden brown perfection in Nanna’s homemade biscuit dough


(Hot or Iced) for here or to go

  • 8 oz 2
  • 12oz 2.50
  • 16oz 3
  • Bottomless Pot 4
  • Juice, Soda and Bubble Tea too!

A la Carte

  • Lemon Curd 1.25
  • Devon Cream 1.75
  • Fruit Spread 1
  • Hummus and Pita Chips 3.50

Baked Daily

  • Muffins Cookies
  • Scones Crumb Cake
  • Muffins Cinnamon Rolls
  • Cakes Pies Fruit Cobbler
  • Bread Pudding Spoon Cake

Nanna’s Pub Lunch Daily Special

Mon-Fri 11-2; All Day on Sat/Sun

Sandwich, Crisp, Salad, Cuppa Soup, Cuppa Tea, Starting at $6.50


Brunch is available on Sundays only

Tobie’s Favorite 8

Oatmeal w/fresh fruit — served with fresh fruit, muffin and milk

Nanna’s Favorite 12

Real French Toast — Slightly sweetened spiced toast grilled and cover with fresh fruit and powdered sugar. Syrup to the side.

Tom’s Favorite 11

Egg Scramble — 2 eggs with your choice of…Mushroom, tomatoes, asparagus, cheddar, American, Goat, Swiss or Gouda cheese, turkey, Italian sausage, roast beef or ham, onions, spinach and kalamata olives.

Everybody’s Favorite 14

Eggs Benedict — Eggs over easy, on crumpets, with hickory smoked ham. covered in hollandaise sauce

Children Plates 8

Choice of everything BIG people like accept in a mini-version. Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Hot Dogs, and Mac and Cheese